You Are Not A Cook If You Do Not Know These Kitchen Hacks

Even though every cook has his/her tricks to make food taste better yet some basic tested and tried methods can help a person cook food easier than ever. Let us check out some of the most celebrated kitchen hacks used universally.

To save ice cream from becoming rock solid in our freezer, we must put it inside a bag. Take a plastic zip bag and fill it with ice cream before throwing it in the fridge, and it will never lose its original consistency. 

Bananas can be used as a base for homemade ice creams. You just have to mash the banana to attain the required smoothness, and then numerous other fruits can be added to create an awesome looking healthy dessert.

To use pancake batter efficiently, you can fill it in a plastic bag to save time and effort. Makes sure that one end of the bag is cut open from where the batter will flow out of the bag.

More than often, we have suffered complete mess while cutting softer food items like cake and dough. However, you can use a string of dental floss to make easy and precise cuts on such food items. It will save time while keeping things clean and intact.

You can cook for the whole week on holidays as food will never lose its flavor and nutrition due to the use of plastic containers. This practice is widely popular among professional bodybuilders, powerlifters, and strongmen as they cannot afford to waste training time while cooking food. You can also use the method for busy days by storing steak, fish, chicken, frozen veggies, baked potatoes, etc.  Moreover, travelers can use this approach to eat homemade food on their journey.

All those cooks who like to eat fresh herbs in their meals can store their favorite herbs in the fridge. They will have to cut them in small pieces before throwing them in the ice cube.  Next, they would spill olive oil to cover the cube area and freeze the container.

As per personal experience, we can affirm that baked dishes tend to dry out after some time. To keep them moist and yummier for longer periods add apple slices in the plastic container they have been stored.

Fresh eggs when boiled are pretty hard to peel whereas week old eggs are incredibly easy to peel. Make sure that you buy fresh eggs which are stored in the fridge for a while before finally boiling them.  Note- week old eggs are not harmful to our body.

Grilling fish can be a pain, especially when it breaks down and sticks to the grill. But, if you put lemon slices beneath the fish, it will not only save it from breaking down but will also provide a nice tangy flavor.

To quickly cool down beverages, you can cover the glass bottles with wet paper towels before resting them in the fridge.

You can tell us about your tips and tricks to make cooking a better experience.

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