What Is So Great About Cooking?

If you are not sure about cooking at home, then this blog will change your outlook forever. Fast food and packaged food is the scum of modern lifestyle, and we should initiate changes before we forget the art of making food for ourselves.

Here are the biggest factors that influence our love for cooking.

It saves our environment

One of the bigger reasons for cooking’s greatness is its positive impact on the environment. It is a no brainer, cooking at home takes fewer resources and energy. According to David Pimentel, ex-professor at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University, seven kilocalories of energy is used to produce food, but another ten is used to process, package and transport it.

Thus, home food saves a lot of energy, time, money, and effort while ensuring our environment’s stability. Again, consider that packaged food is often frozen and requires more energy to become consumable again.  The benefits of cooking our food have numerous layers of welfare for our ecosystem.

It’s less expensive

In contrast to the popular belief, eating at fast-food chains is costlier than making food at home. However, if you compare on calories, then such outlets are cheaper then home-cooked food, but not many people will acknowledge calories over money or health. If you focus on weight, serving size, and nutritional content, then your DIY food is way more precious than packed food.

On the other hand, it saves us from obesity and diabetes- prevalent health issues in American society. Furthermore, we save the money we might have used in getting medication for our problems.  For those who might be concerned about wasting time in grocery shopping, online grocers are lifesavers.

It is healthier

It is hard to believe, but packaged food has forced people to cook unhealthy home food. We are so mesmerized by their taste that health has taken a back seat. But, it is time that we realize the long term negative effects of putting extra sauce and eating deep-fried meat. We have to cook food with traditional and more natural methods to consume all the nutrients it owes to us.

If you have already marked the line between fast food and DIY food, then we do not have to push on this topic. Yet the majority of people should change their perspective towards eating as it is not just about having a full belly but also about making the right choices in life.    

Go for real fruits instead of packaged juices, eat real vegetables instead of frozen ones, and consume fresh meat rather than buying packaged cans.

It’s delicious

The food you prepare at home is nothing more than the mix of your favorite ingredients, and by logic, the taste cannot be dull.  Do your maths; when you cook things you love without harmful additives, all the while ensuring that the taste matches your preference, then how things can go wrong?

Moreover, there are numerous mouth-watering recipes, both new and old, which are way yummier than many packaged food items available in the store. Do not hesitate in inviting both taste and health in your life.

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