Mastering a High Protein Diet

You have been hearing or reading this phrase all over- from your social media channels to television. However, the simpler it sounds, the more complex this lifestyle seems. Today, let’s talk about what a high protein diet is.

What is a high protein diet?

A high protein diet is a method mostly used by people looking for weight loss. They aim to raise the consumption of protein-rich foods in order to curb the intake of fats and carbohydrates. As of now, there are numerous high protein diets that may or may not provide you help with losing the extra fat.

On the other hand, some of these diets have shown a negative effect on the user as they force a person to eat foods that not only contain protein but also saturated fat. Majority of meat products are known to increase the overall fat indicators plus their regular and over-consumption can lead to liver issues and hormonal imbalances.

As per the American Heart Association, adults must not intake more than 30 percent of total daily calories from fat. Moreover, saturated fats consumption should be limited to seven percent, which is nearly impossible due to the high consumption of meat products. Plus, when we indulge in a high protein diet, there is a loss in the required amount of low-fat dairy products and carbohydrates.

But, we should remind you that adverse effects have been noted with people who are super sensitive. Normally, the dieting method is useful in eliminating extra calories, which are the biggest reasons for gaining weight.

What to eat?

Although many people suffer from dietary restrictions, yet they can undertake a high protein diet with some obvious limitations. 

There are many ways to include protein in the diet, even for those with other dietary restrictions. You can either adjust your current diet to induce more protein and exclude fats and carbohydrates or can develop a completely new high protein diet.

To start with, you will have to consider your need for protein.  You cannot eat endless chicken wings and hope to lose weight overnight. Depending on your weight, you will have to choose a specific schedule, or you might end in serious trouble. As stated above, the extra amount of protein can harm your liver and other vital organs. Also, it has been a culprit for inducing cases of kidney stones and hormonal imbalances.

Develop a plan for a week and include only high-quality protein foods. Prepare meals keeping in mind that you have to include 25 to 30 grams of protein in each of them. Also, you can keep a food journal to track the amount of food you have been eating. However, do not forget to eat only well-balanced meals for they will help you in preventing illness felt by people after altering their diet. You should also consider eating plant protein as it will save you from the harms of eating excessive meat protein.


In respect to a short period of time, a high protein diet can be undertaken safely. Even though people have encountered kidney stones due to high protein diet, yet healthy people are at a minimum risk.  Those that have a history of kidney issues must stay away from such diets or should consult a doctor before doing anything.

People with other medical conditions should speak to a healthcare professional to adopt a high-protein diet. On the other hand, whole dairy products, fatty cuts of meat, and high-fat foods can increase cholesterol levels, which result in heart issues. Such foods are commonly consumed by people eating excess protein. Osteoporosis is another problem faced by high protein eaters as it is known to remove calcium from the body through urine.

There is seldom any problem experienced in short terms, but there is no research that encourages us to eat a high protein diet for a longer period of time.


Eating too much protein is way harmful than not eating at all. Our bodies are not meant to digest and absorb more protein than it needs.  Majority of the undigested protein comes out in our feces. Thus, we end up losing the benefits of the protein we ate and also forced our organs to work overtime.

Never start such a risky diet without a consultation from your doctor.  Again, a professional’s help becomes more important if you have been suffering from a mental or physical condition. Try to include a good amount of carbohydrates and fats in your diet for they are necessary to provide you energy and keep your brain in its top condition.