Major Reasons to Avoid Olive Oil

Olive oil has been marketed as the best oil for not only dressing but also for roasting and sautéing. But recent researches have confirmed that the so-called “magic oil” is not as healthy as its tall claims.  Let us expose the adverse effects olive oil has on our body. 

Good quality olive oil is expensive

Take a look around; there are hundreds of generic olive oil brands that pay hardly any attention to the quality of their product. Whereas the best companies which provide the highest quality are very expensive and out of reach of the common public.

Nonetheless, numerous options are as good as and better than olive oil. As a matter of fact, the act of purchasing low-end olive oil is nothing more than a dumb idea as people can purchase other cooking agents at the same price. For instance, coconut oil, ghee, and avocado oil are readily available in the market, which is loaded with nutritional benefits.

Its polyphenols are not heat resistant

You might be shocked to know that polyphenols present in olive oil cannot resist a minimal amount of heat. Although these phenolic compounds are rich in antioxidants, yet we are not able to benefit from their properties as heat minimizes their quantity dramatically. Olive oil has been marketed based on its heart, preserving properties, but the reality is not appreciable.

Heat destroys Omega Fatty Acids

Luckily, olive oil has a good amount of Omega 3 AND Omega 6 Fatty Acids. As per medical science, omega 3 are crucial components of cell membranes of tissues and are very beneficial for brain, retina, and sperm.

However, these fatty acids are quite sensitive to heat and are damaged when we cook olive oil. Even though nobody is sure about the temperature at which these fatty acids are destroyed yet it is better not to heat it at all. Thus, we lose a big chunk of benefits we could have derived from olive oil.

It has a low smoke point

Before moving forward, we would like to remind you that when oil is heated beyond its smoke point, then it creates toxic smoke. In respect to olive oil, it’s the smoke point. It is quite low in comparison to other cooking agents. Hence, olive oil is capable of producing toxic smoke, which can harm our body.  The effects are worsened if a person has been inhaling the toxins for a long time.

Olive oil brands don’t sell olive oil

Majority of brands available in the market pollute their oil with canola oil, soybean oil, hazelnut oil, and other low-quality olive oils. It is a shocker, but only a small percentage of companies sell olive oil, which meets international sensory standards.  The hunt for extra profit has forced companies to include vegetable oils that pose health hazards for the consumers.

Moreover, the oils used in adulteration are possibly GMO products which are more dangerous than their natural counterparts. Plus, they cause inflation in the body and also have negative effects on our heart.

Be smart, check the quality of the oil you have been using and change if necessary.

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