Essential Cooking Tips for Beginners

Beginner cooks are well known to make a lot of silly mistakes in the absence of a good teacher. Although it is human to make err yet, we advise you to learn from the tips stated below. This guideline will save you from wasting your time, effort, and money over trivial matters. 

Her we present you the best tips a beginner cook can learn before wearing their apron.

Buy the right pieces of equipment 

For beginners, it is best to stick with the basics when it comes to buying kitchen equipment. Start your shopping with good quality and heavy pans that will not overcook your food while providing you with the assurance of perfect handling.

Moreover, cheap products do not last long and give a bad taste to your food. In the long term, you end up paying more on cheap types of equipment than on quality products.

Make way for spices

Spices are our number one choice to add flavor in home-cooked food. Load your pantry with dried herbs, garlic powder; soya sauce and mustard for they will enhance your food’s taste like nothing else. On the other hand, spices and herbs do not overwhelm your taste buds like an extra pinch of salt and butter. Not only they save you from extra calories (in case you were about to add more oil and cream for adding more zing in your food) but are also healthy for our body.

Get familiar with the recipe

Those who do not acknowledge a recipe before cooking their meal often crash land. Beginner chefs should stay true to measurements and steps as they do not have the experience to experiment with ingredients and their amounts.  With time your abilities will become more intuitive, but for now, stay humble and learn to respect the art before making your unique moves.

Make sure that you start with easy to cook dishes as there is no benefit in becoming overwhelmed with complicated recipes. Keep on repeating a dish till you master it for good.

Get aware about your knives

Using knives is the most important cooking skill since forever. It will save you a lot of time and will also keep your fingers intact. Many people waste lot of time and effort to prepare their ingredients for they never tried to get familiar with their knives.

Besides, you should also invest in good quality knives. Do not forget to buy a paring knife for cutting fruits and vegetables.

Stay away from overcrowding

Putting too much food in your pan is a big mistake as some foods, especially vegetables, tend to steam in their own moisture that changes your food’s texture. Food items release moisture when heated, and they should be given proper space to brown. The tip is useful when you have to cook crisp dishes like breaded chicken and French fries. Cook in bigger amounts only if you have a big pan to accommodate all the food.

All in all, taking baby steps is the key to become a good cook. Start now!

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