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After reading my blogs, you might like to connect with me.  My write-ups are an extension of the emotions I feel towards food and DIY recipes. For me, it is a chance to showcase my abilities as a cook and also convey my solid cooking experience. But, it does not mean that the blog is only concentrated on my creations. I have used this platform to get in touch with some of the most amazing foodies on the planet. Their love and appreciation for food have inspired me to experiment with new dishes. Thus, their presence has been a huge factor in this website’s success.

As said above the blog is an extension of my encounter with various food recipes from around the world. You won’t believe that food is indeed the epitome of contrast between various communities. However, I have been able to blend numerous cooking styles to create delicious dishes on this website. It was not possible without support from my readers. These amazing people are like my family, and I have worked 24×7 to keep up with their expectations. Not to say that some of my recipes have been a contribution from the website’s visitors.

I have maintained a constant connection with my readers to know more about their psyche towards my posts. It has helped me in improving my writing styles and food choices. Now, I am a more mature and responsible blogger who knows the niche of its audience. Time and again, I have changed my styles to narrate various food categories too. Anyways, I hope that I continue to be in the positive books of my readers. You can connect with me via multiple channels. Each of them has their specific roles and method of communication. Let us talk about them in detail.

The shortest and easiest method to communicate with me is through the “Contact me” page. It is the holy grail of messaging me about things that might be concerning you.  The page allows you to send me a short and precise message in no time. I make sure that your queries and concerns are settled as quickly as possible.  You can always share your feedback, no matter what it is, whether positive or negative about my publications. It will help in correcting mistakes while developing better articles in the future. I would like to request you to write about topics that need immediate attention as the channel is most used by readers, and your messages can get overlooked.

Now, I’ll talk about a more formal method for communication. Yes, you guessed it right; e-mail is the most secure and official way of messaging. On a normal day, I reply to around forty to fifty e-mails.  You can write to me about anything as there is no character limit and you can send pictures and videos too. The channel can be used to send more official or legal messages. I make sure that every genuine e-mail gets a fitting reply.  Moreover, I reply short and precise messages to foot any further confusion.

Nevertheless, you can follow me on social media. You can click on the icons popping above the page. There you will get to know about my personal life and things I do apart from blogging. I accept a lot of messages and talk to them if possible. This channel is quite casual in comparison to other communication platforms. You will also get to meet a lot of people with the same mentality. These people will be happy to contact you and advise you on things not mentioned on the blog.

You can also get answers to your queries by commenting on the blog posts. I make sure to settle all the concerns over the articles if any.  Moreover, you will give voice to a lot of people with the same interests. The stage will also let you get in contact with other readers.

Thus, there are various ways to contact me. You can choose one per your choice but write messages which are precise and important. I have to ignore a lot of messages as they turn into friendly communication. The page is meant to serve you but only for food-related issues not for entertainment.