Benefits of a High Protein Diet

A high protein diet is generally a diet where more than 20% of your daily calories comes from proteins. The typical high-protein diet is high in fats and severely restricts the intake of carbohydrates, especially sugar. There are many different ways that you can go about getting enough proteins. Protein can be found almost everywhere. Eggs, meat, fish, cheese, beans, nuts, and soy are all excellent sources of protein.

It has been studied that those on high protein diets have an increased risk of kidney disease. One of the problems with a high protein diet, especially for those suffering from kidney disease, is that the kidneys are also where the nitrogen (nitrogenized form) from protein is eliminated. High levels of these two forms of nitrogen can lead to kidney damage and eventually to kidney failure. If this happens the patient will not only suffer from reduced kidney function, but will also be at a higher risk for death.

It’s also been studied that people on high protein diets often experience weight loss. While it’s true that weight loss is often a side effect of most high-protein diets, if you’re losing a lot of weight it may be because you’re burning up a lot of calories. Because of this, many people on high-protein diets often feel that they are eating less overall, even though their protein intake is the same as before. Indeed, many people who are dieting report feeling “full” much of the time, even when they’re technically eating very little. So if you’re on a high protein diet, it may be a good idea to monitor your calorie intake.

In addition to kidney disease, one of the other possible complications of a high protein diet is osteoporosis. Osteoporosis occurs when the bones’ calcium stores become depleted. The body becomes unable to replace old bone with new bone, and as a result bones become more brittle. Over time, this can lead to fractures. If you suffer from osteoporosis, it’s important that you speak with a doctor before starting a diet program such as a low-fat dairy products diet.

Finally, many people worry about their health when dieting with high protein foods. There are a number of concerns that people generally have regarding high protein diets. For example, one concern is that eating too many protein rich foods can cause people to gain weight, causing them to be obese. However, if a person is already fairly healthy, then eating high protein foods can actually help them lose weight.

Fiber is an excellent source of nutrients. Experts agree that eating a high fiber diet can be extremely beneficial to a person’s health. Because of this, experts recommend that a person eat at least five to six servings of fruits and vegetables each day. By incorporating beans, whole grains, and other fiber rich food items into a daily diet, a person can lose weight and gain vital nutrients necessary for good health. In fact, experts recommend one serving of fruit and vegetable per meal.

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