About me

Cooking has been my first and only love. Since high school, I have been learning this skill in various cooking classes too. Luckily, I travelled almost the entire Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Australia, where I learned about many cuisines and food styles. My parents were supportive enough to lend me money for experiencing various cultures and their food preferences. All of it combined and developed a strong love and admiration for cooking. With time I cultivated and improved new skills and made friends with chefs and foodies from around the world. As of now, I aim to become the best cooking blogger on the internet.

As mentioned before, it all started in my younger years, where the idea of preparing quality food looked captivating. I enrolled in some of the classes which cleared the basics of cooking food correctly. There I met my mentor who has inspired me to become not only a better cook but also a responsible blogger. Still, we spend hours talking about new recipes with her students. Thus, my whole life moved in the direction of cooking, and today, I am running a successful food blog. It gives me immense satisfaction while my kids get to taste new and amazing dishes. Being a mother of two, I have to manage between my family and professional life. But my passion and love for cooking have helped to cope with these adjustments.  

Back in the days, I used to cook traditional dishes without any scope of experimentation. I feared that my attempts to prepare new food would backfire. I did not want to make my food less desirable. Even though people loved my skills, yet things started to become a bit boring. I was not interested in cooking the same dishes any more. It was then I realized the need to step out of my comfort zone. Subsequently, I saved some money and went on an international food journey.

While interacting with new people, I came to know that food preparation cannot be one dimensional. For all these years, I thought that my cooking style was perfect, which in reality was very limited. Meeting new chefs and eating amazing dishes I regained my interest in coking. It was time to change my approach and experiment with new flavors. After mixing and matching various extracts together, I came up with a new style of cooking. It was fun, educative and oozed a sense of adventure.

Being obvious, I decided to try out blogging. I knew that writing was one of my biggest assets, but going public about my skills was not easy. My family backed me up over the thought, and I started writing the first few blog posts while clicking pictures of the different things I made. However, managing a blog is not child’s play. I never thought that it needed immense commitment and discipline. Nevertheless, I gave my 100% to kick start the blog. Initially, my reach was limited to my family and friends. Seldom a stranger passed through my blog and dropped in a comment or two. It was not exciting to witness that the blog was dying before achieving anything.

But, there was no time to quit as I had nothing to lose. Eventually, new people started reading the articles. I was astonished to witness the love they showered on my skills. Keeping the momentum in mind, I published more articles. Messages started to pour in from various readers. They were interested in connecting with me, so I devised various messaging channels.  It was an honour to communicate with people who admired my work. Since then, they have given me various ideas and suggestions to create better recipes. All of us have learned together the art of creating healthier and tastier dishes.

As of now, I have numerous ideas and plans for the blog. I will be publishing a new series about various food items reimagined in today’s world. I would like to thank everybody who has helped me in the creation and management of this website. I will work hard to achieve a better mark and influence the lives of more people. You can send me your thoughts and suggestions, and I am even open to constructive criticism. I hope that you will always be supporting this blog.