Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel for Foodies

Are you thinking of showcasing you’re cooking skills on YouTube? If yes, then there are few tips you must master to run a successful channel. We have compiled a list of the most crucial points that separate a bestselling channel from a generic content creator.

Pick a niche

Accept the fact that you cannot produce content for every food lover on YouTube. However, there is a market for everything on this gigantic social media platform.  You don’t have any option other than deciding the niche of your audience. As of now, you can choose one of these popular themes on cooking channels- budget cooking, family recipes, baking, and keto. Moreover, you should also decide the tone of your channel, for instance- you can present a fun-loving personality that imparts humor while cooking delicious food.

Develop a schedule

YouTube is in love with channels that post regularly as per a set schedule. Decide on the day and time to publish your content and follow the schedule religiously. However, do not release content just to stay ahead of the deadline or your viewers will be more than happy to stay away from your channel.  YouTube actively takes a look at your content’s quality and won’t feature a channel on the trending page if it releases low-quality content.

Stay connected to your audience by continuously reminding them about your timeline. Let them know your plan for the upcoming months, and they will love to show their support. Remember, the day you do not show up on their page is going to be highly negative for your channel.

Take note of social media

A YouTuber’s work isn’t complete after posting a video, especially for a cooking channel as the competition is stiff.  Develop a strategy to post pictures and videos of your cooking skills on Facebook and Instagram. Also, make sure that you are replying to messages and comments made by people who like your work. Sneak peeks from your daily life are highly capable of charming your viewers.

You can also hire a professional team to manage your social media handles or take help from a friend. Irrespective of your plans, you should have a consistent presence on social media.

Follow trends

Just like blogs, you will have to make videos concerning whatever your audience is searching for. Have an eye on anything that trends on the platform and takes inspiration for your content.  You viewers will be happy to see your positive approach towards anything current and fresh.

For instance, you can make videos in respect to challenge videos which have always been popular on YouTube. Thus, people will get another reason to watch the videos, and your channel will grow overnight.


One of the easiest ways to grow your channel is by collaborating with other YouTubers or any famous personality. Make sure that the person you are partnering with is related to either your niche or your industry. Also, do something productive with your guests instead of using them as a trophy.

Let’s get started now!

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